Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Shrestha

June 26, 2009

Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Shrestha

Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Shrestha

Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Shrestha
Biomass Energy Expert
Tribhuvan University
Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email :
Mobile: 9841298694

Academic Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi, New Delhi-110016, India, 1998. Thesis Title “Studies on Thermal Cracking of Pyrogases from Biomass”.

Academic Awards: Mahendra Vidhya Bhusan, Ministry of Education, His Majesty’s Government, Nepal. 1999.

Mohan Dhoj Basnet Academic Award, Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1999 for the development of Beehive briquetting technology in Nepal by the utilization of biomass residues.

Professional Experiences:

  • Joined Research Centre for Applied Science and Technology (RECAST), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu as an Asstt. Research Officer in March 1977. Got promotion to Lecturer in November 1979, to Associate Professor in Jan 2003 and then to Professor in February, 2009. Has been working for the past two decades in the field of renewable energy technologies with special focus on biomass energy systems particularly biomass stoves, biomass gasification, briquetting, biogas etc. Has gained expertise in the Management and Utilization of Solid Wastes through an integrated approach. Has been teaching in the Mechanical Engineering Department, I.O.E., Pulchowk Campus as a Visiting Professor for MSREE students since 2000. Has supervised a number of students of MSREE for their Master’s Thesis.
  • Has published a number of papers in various national and international journals. Has participated in several national and international seminars, conferences, workshops and training programmes pertaining to energy and environmental issues. Has coordinated several national level projects funded by INGO’s and Government agencies and successfully conducted a number of training programmes on energy saving devices such as improved cook stoves (ICS), beehive briquettes and management of domestic wastes through Composting and Vermicomposting at different parts of the country.
  • Is a member of a number of professional societies such as, Nepal Chemical Society, Nepal Pharmaceutical Association, Nepal University Teacher’s Association (NUTA) and Centre for Renewable Energy and Centre for Energy and Environment Nepal.

Area of Expertise:
Biomass Energy technologies particularly Improved Cook Stoves (ICS), Gasifier stoves, Institutional Cook Stoves, Rocket Stoves, biomass briquetting, liquid biofuels, biomass gasification for electricity generation, biogas. etc.


3 Responses to “Prof. Dr. Krishna Raj Shrestha”

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  2. KRS sir namaskar and congratulation for your promotion of Professor.
    Sir at this time I am at Italy for PhD research work for 10 months.Please keep in touch.
    Khem Poudyal

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