Another day in college

May 7, 2009

We had two classes today, ‘System Mathematics’ and ‘Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications’. Topics look scary to me. I need to slog a lot to keep myself in touch with subject. It’s been really long time I have been out of touch with these curriculum subjects and feeling dumb scratching my head, recapping all those Laplace transformation fundas and formulae in the class.

I must say, I will be having hard time especially in mechanical subjects, which were not there in my B.E curriculum. Funny thing is that I never knew that renewable energy subject is basically a mechanical subject. I can’t laugh at myself (ha ha ha) now.

And there was formal introduction of the students in the class, thanks to Dr. Rabindra Shrestha (HOD, Mechanical Dept). It’s good to know that we come from different faculty (agriculture, architecture, civil, Electrical & Electronics and mechanical) which I think will help us in making our classes even more interesting.

Most of them are into teaching profession as junior lecturers at various engineering colleges, while others are working in private firms in their respective field.

Our teachers look cool and amicable with good sense of humor. I am loving it.

Finally, I need to fit into this new role as a student [ I have different avatars 😉 ]. It might take some time to acclimatize myself to this new environment seamlessly. I know it takes time to become a champion.



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